Simultaneous interpreting

The present lasts 2.8 seconds

Sometimes people think that they are doing two things simultaneously. But what does “simultaneous” actually mean? Neurological and psychological studies have shown that people see the present as a period of time that is 2.8 seconds long. Everything that happens within these 2.8 seconds is accepted as simultaneous.

Simultaneous interpreters who are worth their salt generally  operate within this time window, trailing a half-sentence behind the speaker. Sometimes this is more than three seconds and sometimes it is less.

Simultaneous interpreting requires a high degree of skill, concentration and accuracy. With this kind of interpreting, the flow of speech is not interrupted and the audience can follow the speaker seamlessly. Simultaneous interpreting is the most suitable method for conferences with one or more international participants. Our interpreters sit in soundproof booths, where they hear the original speaker via headphones and interpret simultaneously into a microphone, following which the translation is channelled directly into the audience’s headphones.

A word from our customers

Dear Ms. Sanchez,

We are happy to say that this year’s BASF event was once again a resounding success, thanks in no small part to your first-class service. Both our customer and the many guests in attendance were full of praise for your interpreting team. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your superb work, which often goes unseen but is nonetheless a key success factor – and for your relaxed, uncomplicated and reliable approach to working with us. We look forward to doing so again soon.

Markus Röser
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