Organising interpreting teams

The many familiar faces of interpreting.

Quality, like art, comes from ability. So if you want quality, you have to know who has the skills you need to make it happen. To put it another way: the key factor behind managing interpreter teams is knowing each member’s strengths and skills. This is why we only work with interpreters whose abilities we know and hold in high esteem. And have done so for years with great success.

Before embarking on a project, we determine your exact needs and help you to define the exact interpreting requirements based on the planned conference setting.

Then we handpick the most suitable interpreters for the job. When planning our teams, we always take into account the specific skill sets of our interpreter colleagues so that we can recruit the best possible interpreting team for your project. It goes without saying that technical qualifications are our most important selection criterion. However, it is always worthwhile taking into account whether or not the team members live in the local area, as travel costs can soon build up, particularly in the case of larger teams.

Before the project, we examine the conference documentation and forward it on to our interpreting team members together with the terminology lists. Needless to say, we also familiarise our team with their tasks and with the event schedule. We think of every detail. Leaving you free to attend to your conference participants. And that’s a promise.

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