Liaison and consecutive interpreting

Food for thought, packaged to go

Sometimes it’s better to make a point all in one go. This being the case, consecutive interpreting can often be a more effective approach, particularly in the case of smaller events. This means that the speaker delivers his or her speech in natural, coherent segments while our interpreter takes notes. The interpreter then reproduces the speech segment by segment in the required target language.

Liaison interpreting is used for round table discussions involving a small number of people. Our interpreter translates everything that is said – uncensored and without value judgement. As with consecutive interpreting, everything is noted and reproduced with great precision.


  • Will organise one or more experienced consecutive interpreters, depending on the nature and duration of the work in question
  • Will ensure that the speech “reaches” the audience in the target language in the same way as the original
  • Will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the different types of interpreting
  • Will organise an experienced interpreter or team of qualified interpreters for the language pair in question
  • Takes into account not only language skills and technical qualifications when choosing its interpreters, but also sets great store by reputability and discretion
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